Win huge cash jackpots with Captain Cash on Snow FM! [TS and Cs here]

• Save this number in your phone, 0428 811 455 and listen to Simmo at 7:15 Monday morning to find out what the daily Captain Cash winning song is.

• The winning starts with Captain Cash on Snow FM – a Capital Radio Network promotion.

• Captain Cash is back with the biggest jackpots ever!

• We all need extra cash, and Captain Cash has the biggest jackpots ever!

• Keep listening for today's winning song to be played in full, text us before is finishes!

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Can you spell the SNOW FM $50 000 Four Letter Word?
Throughout today, we’ll reveal four letters. When you have all four letters, text SNOW FM and your name to 0428 811 455.
Burgo could be calling you to see if you have spelt the Four Letter Word which could make you $5000 richer!
You need all four letters to spell the SNOW FM $50 000 Four Letter Word. We’ll reveal letters across the day while you work.
Across the Capital Radio Network it’s the $50 000 Four Letter Word on SNOW FM.
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Category: Promotions

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